Capitalizing On Your Last Month of Summer

See 3 accomplishments you can achieve in under 3 weeks, and hopefully before school starts.

Summer break.

Well, that was a breeze. When looking back at June and July, it might have just felt like a weekend in terms of how fast it went by.

When I (Kaito, COO of Community Coders) look back at my high school summers, I barely remember what I did, other than play basketball in the mornings, and then work at a fast food chain before I got fired (ya ya I get it).

With less than a month left before, dare I say the s-word, school, read this blog post to see how you can use it as motivation to have that sense of accomplishment before you head into the school year.

Here are the 3 accomplishments you can do in under 3 weeks, listed below. 

  1. Learn a skill that school might not teach you. It only makes sense for our company to emphasize different types,and different ways of learning outside of the traditional model. View the Community Coders crowdsourced list of places where you can earn free, virtual internships here.

  2. Attend at least one event that you’re interested in. School is a great place to meet people who have the same passion and goals as you, but did you ever think there would be other people who have the same objectives as you? Of course there are, and that really is the beauty of in-person events: to connect with others. Put yourself out there and attend one event, such as our Intro to Facebook Ads Workshop. By attending an event and learning, you can cross off number 1 and 2!

  3. Establish a routine that would align with September: Instead of sleeping in till the early afternoon, start setting a routine that works around what your schedule would look like in the fall. When our founders were in school, we put heavy emphasis on having a daily routine, planning and journaling - there was a certain amount of productivity and effectiveness that came with being consistent. 

There you have it! These are three accomplishments that you can get done in under 3 weeks that can help you grow and learn both personally and professionally.

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