5 Reasons why Social Media is Essential to Non Profits

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Social Media demonstrates great investment into growing your not for profit. It allows you to access people in a space that is completely under-utilized for that. 

The Reasons why Not for Profits don’t utilize Social Media. 

  1. They don’t have time to create Strategic Posts and connect with their Audience. 
  2. They don’t have the funds to pay someone to do the job. 
  3. They simply don’t see the return. 

So let’s see why all Organizations should use Social Media to their Advantage!

1. Creates Awareness for the Cause

Awareness to the cause is beneficial for everybody. It helps the organization create opportunities for funding and volunteers and ultimately greatens their social impact. But awareness on social media ultimately increases your key message reach, even if some people don’t donate or volunteer. An inactive person can network with someone else who could cause action. 

A great example of this is the green movement on instagram. The vitality aspect helped the cause. Many people shared the cause on the story without donating, still millions of dollars was (eventually) donated.

2. Finds you Donation Opportunities 

To find more money, we have to go to where the people live, which is on the internet these days. Through social media you can target your dream donator, the person that you think has money to donate to the cause. 

To find out how to find donation opportunities on social media, get in touch with us here!

3. It's a great source for Volunteers 

The younger generations, alive and full of energy happen to be everywhere on social media. You can hit them with a DM strategy, or induce a sharing opportunity in order to get some buy in and eventually a dedicated volunteer. 

See our Guide on How to Use Social Media to get your Dream Volunteer Here!

4. Networks for Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities 

Sources like LinkedIn is a great way to spread your message to the professional market. LinkedIn has a great source of developing your organization’s network. 

Some Quick Strategies to Help find Sponsors on LinkedIn. 

  • Message a connection a piece of value added content, or a quick story to read about how your organization has helped someone. 
  • Share their posts and explain how their work has inspired someone in your organization

5. Allows you to help more people. 

You may be able to find some people that needs your foundations help on social networks. 

For example, if your foundation connects children with outdoor activities, you may be able to find a person with children who are looking for activities for their children! Next thing you know you have helped a larger amount of people and your foundation is growing! 

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